Speak To The Back of the Room

I’m a public speaker and with that comes it’s own set of challenges. I happen to really enjoy speaking and find it to come pretty natural. Recently, my crowds have been getting slightly larger. I’ve really had to practice speaking “to the back” of the room. Even though I can’t alway see the people in the back of the room, I always focus on trying to make eye contact and directly speak to everyone in the back row. I find this helps with my volume control as well. IMG_2759

Insert Working Out Into Your Life

They recently opened a new gym near where I live. I’m always pretty “phasey” when it comes to working out. I’ll go to something new obsessively for 4 weeks and then I won’t go again for 9 months, you know the routine. Recently, I joined a new gym. I thought just getting out of my place (I work from home) would be a healthy thing and actually being around other people. As we all know, working from home can be isolating – even when you aren’t doing it on purpose.

I travel all of the time (as do many of you) so I can’t always be working out – sometimes there is just NO GYM or no workout situation (depending on where I am in the world). I decided that every day that I’m home (except Sundays) I would try to do SOMETHING. I’ve been trying to plan my schedule around spin classes as I figure they are the fastest fix.



Quick Rule For Unpacking

If you are an entrepreneur and constantly on-the-go it’s crucial that you unpack your bags as soon as you get home from a trip – even if you are tired. You must be on your feet and organized and ready to go at all times – you cannot do it when living out of a suitcase – trust me! Below is an image of what my room looks like when I DO NOT unpack ahead of time. X


My Personal Travel Tips (From This Time Around)

Every time I travel I learn new things about myself and my preferences. I just got back from a speaking tour in upstate New York. I was speaking at two different colleges (SUNY Oneonta & Hartwick). Here are my quick travel tips:

1. Travel in TOMS. Deal with the snow in Hunter Boots. However, if you are going to pack Hunter Boots in your bag, they are going to take up a ton of space. Pack light to make sure you have the room. If you are buying these shoes brand new, try to get classic styles and colors that won’t go out of style. Both brands aren’t cheap so you’ll want something that will last. My TOMS are grey and my Hunter Boots are black.

2. Don’t turn on the air vent on the airplane. I used to get sick every time I would travel. I recently saw the doctor (a family friend) and he asked if I ever turned on the air vent. I said yes – it gets hot on the plane! He told me to avoid turning on that vent and I really haven’t been sick ever since! Think about it, it’s pretty gross – just air that is being re-circulated around the plane. 

3. Bag of Pretzels Travels With Me Everywhere. You never know what kind of situation you will be in and what your metabolism will do. Carry a snack in your bag. 

4. Ditch the designer handbag. I used to believe in taking large big beautiful bags with me everywhere. And then one day, I put my beautiful new camel colored bag on the floor of an airplane and it got blue stains all over it that never came out. Since then, I’ve learned to only travel with dark bags. Also, to avoid carrying too many bag, I typically big a stylish large pleather-like tote with me instead of my handbag. It easily fits my makeup bag, computer, and whatever other junk I’m carrying. If I know I need to go to a lunch or dinner meeting (where carrying a large tote isn’t appropriate), I throw a small clutch or shoulder bag into my tote. 

5. Keep The Outfits Simple. Going away for 4-5 days? One outfit for sleeping. Two outfits for working out. 4 Pairs of Shoes (boots, TOMS, sneakers, heels). 

6. Go With What You Know. Typically, instead of trying new hotels, I stick with the same. I never go wrong with a Courtyard Marriott or Hampton Inn. And make sure to get your points! 

7. If you travel VERY frequently, check out the airline clubs. I went in the US Airways Club for the first time and might join. I’m guaranteed an outlet!